How to Grow Your Personal Relationship with God


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Saving Grace: A Troubled School

A heartwarming story that could

change lives and save lives!

When a teenager receives divine knowledge of an impending mass shooting at his school by the school bully, he must race against time to thwart the tragedy using the most powerful weapon of all time.


It all begins when Shannon O’Malley’s fiancé and childhood sweetheart is found murdered a few weeks before their dream wedding. A beautiful future full of promise suddenly becomes one of despair and hopelessness for Shannon.

Two days following his death, a series of horrific murders begin—her best friend Ashley’s family is being murdered ghoulishly one by one.

At first, the police suspect Ashley’s estranged and hateful brother Damien who had recently returned home after many years in exile. But when another member of Ashley’s family is gruesomely murdered while Damien was in police custody, they are confronted with an unsolvable crime and an unusual suspect dubbed “the Twister.”

Meanwhile, Shannon has her own suspicions about the identity of the murderer and sets out to solve the mystery before any more lives are violently taken. Will she succeed or will she be the Twister’s next victim?

Inspired by true events, this story offers the reader a glimpse into the supernatural.


Vivian Chas

The Truth and PC site is authored by Vivian Chas, author and former journalist. The aim of this site is not to just give personal opinions on current situations, but to base those opinions on truth per the Word of God. It strives to help readers discern between truth and fallacy. We try to keep our comments strictly in line with God’s Word, and if you do disagree, you are welcome to voice your thoughts and opinions on our website.

Learning is a fun and enlightening experience, and we welcome healthy discussions keeping God’s Word at its core.

The Word of God lives on unchanged even though society changes with each passing day. Truth never changes and has existed since the beginning of time. It is absolute. We cannot turn truth into a lie or turn a lie into a truth.

“Woe unto those who call evil good, and good evil..” Isaiah 5:20


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