• Vivian Chas

Do You Want Answers to Your Problems?

God is the answer! All you need to do is pray and believe one hundred percent! Yes! It can be done.

Your trust in God should be childlike. What does that mean? Think about when you were a child. Did you ever worry about your next meal, your clothes, your toys, school or anything? Why? Because your parents provided them. Did you worry? No! You relied on them to know what you needed. They even gave you everything you asked for--at least, most everything. They never gave you anything that would have hurt you.

When you were afraid of the boogeyman--who did you cry out to? Your Mom and Dad.

Well, if God is your Farther, what's stopping you from having the same faith you put in your parents when you were a child? What's stopping you from living your life knowing He is taking care of all your needs and is aware of everything you need? Just like your parents, He would never give you anything that would hurt you.

Trust Him completely! You will see a huge difference in your life. I know, and if you have questions, I can help with those. Contact me and we can start a conversation on how to work little miracles in your life with God's help.


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