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REBIRTH OF HITLER and the modern day holocaust!

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

WTC Beacon Lights Pink to Celebrate Murder of Innocents!

Democrat states like New York have reached the pinnacle of evil by legalizing the murder of unborn babies right up to the moment of birth. If that isn’t enough, the evil legislators rubbed it in the faces of those opposed to this horrendous crime by lighting the World Trade Center memorial beacon pink to celebrate it!

​The legislation is not only an atrocity towards humanity, but lighting the WTC beacon to celebrate the murder of innocents is an insult to the very memory of those murdered innocents to whom the memorial was erected in the first place. And this is coming from a governor who is against the execution of hardened criminals out of so-called “compassion,” but is happily open to murdering vulnerable innocents. No sane-minded and truly compassionate person can figure out this hypocrisy!

​I am afraid we are in the end times. Politics have evolved from choosing a party for economic reasons to choosing a party for social reasons. The most vociferous among us are the ones demanding evil to fulfill selfish purposes. They would stoop low to get what they want, including going to the extent of bringing false claims and making false accusations against a duly-elected president who is the voice of reason and opposition.

​Yes, they hate him not for policies or even how he speaks—don’t forget the Democrats use some of the most vile and vulgar language to make their hate known—they hate him for what and who he stands for, and they would gladly get rid of him just as they would get rid of their unwanted child. Both of them are hurdles and obstructions in their selfish “Me” only lives.

​A decade ago, President Trump’s policies and extraordinary success in pointing this country towards prosperity would have brought heaps of praise and adulation by all. Back then, country, its citizens, and their welfare mattered. Not anymore!

​What matters most today—country and its citizens be damned—is individual selfishness. We have a new breed of voters who think they know best. Their intelligence is questionable at best, as is their mental stability. Their mantra is “Me, Me, Me!” The loudest “Me” comes from those who have turned away from God and who rely completely on themselves. They have no morals, no time for others, and they do not care about anyone except themselves. The law has become a tether around their necks and they are now working fulltime to thwart it. To the new Democrat Party, God’s laws and man’s laws have no place in their lives, and their motto is to “rule by intimidation” and to silence those who stand up for God’s laws, morals, and truths.

As Christians and as people who love and uphold God’s laws and man’s laws, we need to stand up to these evil bullies courageously. There is no place for political correctness in our dealings with these people. There is no reason to lie about the truth to please them for the simple reason that nothing pleases them, and of course, for the bigger reason that we should uphold the truth at all costs.

​It is also time we work towards overturning the erroneously and irresponsibly passed Roe v. Wade to save millions of innocent human lives. It’s the “Hitler” of our times and we must eradicate it if we are to live together as selfless, loving human beings.

​This world was meant for all, not just for some. Those who are advocating the murder of the unborn because of their own follies and errors are those who had the fortune to have seen the light of day. We must not allow them to prevent others from doing the same.

​It’s not their prerogative, but God’s!

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