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What the Ten Commandments Mean to Me and Should to You

God may have given us only ten commandments as a blueprint for a robust, and lawful society, but amazingly they encompass God’s entire plan for His people to lead happy and peaceful lives. Rather than fetter you, as some would like to believe or have you believe, they set you free! Love is the central theme of these commandments. Breaking them will not only destroy you or society and cause despair and unhappiness, it will also destroy your soul.

Today, we watch the Ten Commandments being broken over and over again by people who accuse those of keeping them diligently as bigoted and hateful. We watch society divide and crumble as the Ten Commandments are rejected and looked upon by many as nothing more than some silly rules in a Book that nobody wants to read or take seriously. Good is regarded as evil and evil as good. The good are persecuted and shamed unrelentingly for keeping the Commandments and the bad are praised and upheld for breaking them.

So here’s what each Commandments means to me and should to you. This is the plain truth and not politically correct. The truth may offend you, but it is not my truth or your truth, but God’s truth. For those who don’t believe in God, it is still the truth and cannot be changed. Read on and you will see what I mean.

First Commandment - I am the Lord Thy God. Thou shall not have strange gods before me.

This is the most important commandment. God lets us know that He and He alone is and should be important in our lives; that without Him we are nothing. He comes first. That means, he commands us to be SELFLESS. Which means, everything we do, we do for God and Him alone.

When we read this commandment, the first thing that may come to mind is other religions. If there is only one God, then every other god is strange and false, right? Yes. But it also means we should not put materialistic possessions and ideologies before God.

Today, money, possessions, social and career positions, power, personal glory, and anything else with a selfish objective are far more popular than our Creator who has been unceremoniously brushed aside in favor of personal satisfaction. We even compromise our integrity by supporting lawless people and evildoers to achieve a selfish objective. This constant use and abuse of other people for personal gain is what mostly drives us today. To legitimize our ideologies, we call them “social issues.” We have forgotten and don’t even want to acknowledge that these are the apples Satan throws our way to bring our downfall just like he did with Adam and Eve.

You don’t have to be a believer to know all of this is true. We can all agree that selfishness is the love of self and not others. We all know that greed never gets us anywhere and that money is the root of all evil. Many crimes have been committed in the name of this god. People have compromised their integrity and well-being as well as their lives, families, and livelihood for this god.

So the First Commandment directs us to love God first, then others, and then self. It commands us depend on Him and Him alone. He is our father, our provider, and our first love.

Love is selfless.

Second Commandment – Thou shall not worship false idols.

This commands us to worship God only. By this, everything else is put on a backburner and our focus is only on the good. Loving and obsessing over anything else will bring us endless misery and a false sense of security. Today, we tend to worship a lot false idols, from fake ideologies to untruthful and immoral entertainers, fake news media, social media, political parties, and other propaganda machines. We adore and worships these false idols who take us down the path of evil and make false promises for personal glory and satisfaction. We commit crimes in the name of these false ideologies promising to make us happy, but which bring our downfall here and throughout eternity.

Revel in the joy of sharing the truth and speaking it out aloud, even if you are persecuted for it. Remember Christ was crucified for proclaiming these truths and dismantling false ideologies. It’s happening to us now, but be joyful. The truth sets us free, and loving and worshiping the one who created us sets us free.

Love is truthful.

Third Commandment – Thou shall not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain

Swearing using God’s name is the most common way we break this commandment. While this constitutes blasphemy, a grave sin in the eyes of God, some people commit even greater crimes using the name of God in vain. Terrorists kill innocent people in God’s name to fulfill and authenticate an evil purpose. God does not command us to kill for Him. He has never asked or never will ask us to kill a non-believer. He has given us a free will to choose Him or Satan. Ultimately, it’s between us and God. Anyone who uses God’s name to kill does it for Satan.

Then there are others who use God’s name to push an evil agenda. We see politicians doing that all the time today. One of the most frequent evil messages by them is that God is not against abortion. False! This lie causes mass murder that exceeds the number of humans killed during the holocaust.

This is also the age of false preachers who make millions using God’s name. Their messages are fake and are meant for prideful and greedy purposes.

Love is not slanderous and criminal.

Fourth Commandment – Honor thy father and thy mother

Right after the first three commandments relating to God comes the one honoring our parents. We wouldn’t be here without our parents and God. So how do we honor them? Many of us disobey this Commandment by disobeying them, rebelling against them, mistreating them, neglecting them, or putting them away in nursing homes when they are old because they happen to be a “nuisance.” Taking care of them takes up too much of our valuable time and gets in the way of our selfish lifestyles.

Are we not a selfish and unloving society when we do that? Isn’t it inhuman to mistreat parents who loved and nurtured us when we were young? Do we return their selfless sacrifices with selfish acts of our own? Do we hurt them by not loving them back?

Love does not hurt.

Fifth Commandment – Thou shall not kill

We cannot murder anyone for any reason. Taking the life of someone is God’s prerogative. He gives us life and He takes it.

Sadly today, the law allows us to kill our own children before they are born, and now some are even pushing to make infanticide legal. This is a heinous and unspeakable crime as it involves the taking of the lives of defenseless human beings by their own mothers who are supposed to love, nurture, and protect them.

Then there’s assisted suicide that is being legitimized, and suicide. Who will they permit to kill next? Anyone who speaks against evil, perhaps? The world has become a very evil place.

Love does not kill

Sixth Commandment – Thou shall not commit adultery

This Commandment puts us on notice that the sacrament of marriage is not only for the multiplication of society, it is the cornerstone of a healthy society. Here, we are told that marriage is a lifelong commitment between one man and one woman. We are commanded to show respect for each other by being faithful. Adultery out of lust breaks down society and causes severe repercussions.

First, it breaks the trust of the unerring partner and causes misery and strife. Divorce happens, children’s lives become unstable as they are shuttled from one home to another. They suffer psychological trauma, which leads to other repercussion like health issues and even criminal acts, including murder and suicide.

Adultery is committed not only by married couples, but by anyone who strays outside the norms of marriage. We are commanded to be chaste until marriage. Living together and having children outside wedlock again contributes to the breakdown of society. It produces the same effects as divorce. Single parenting often produce wayward children with psychological problems. For a healthy mindset a child needs both a father and a mother in the house who love each other. Multiple partners put children in danger of abuse, neglect, and even murder by the outsider or even by their own parent. Women who get pregnant outside marriage contemplate and carry out abortions, which is the willful murder of their children.

We are required to reserve sexual relations for marriage and for marriage only and to live a chaste life outside of that.

Love is not lustful, deceitful, or treacherous.eacherous.

Seventh Commandment – Thou shall not steal

Stealing is not just surreptitiously taking tangible things that don’t belong to you. It is also the willful taking of intangible things like someone’s innocence by rape, for example. You can also steal the dignity, self-respect, reputation, self-confidence of someone by lying, or with covetous acts, and causing scandal. You can steal by cheating someone of what is owed to them. You can steal someone’s spouse thereby causing irreparable harm to that person and the family. You can steal someone’s job by manipulation. You can steal someone’s health by physically and emotionally hurting that person. By doing all of this and more, you steal someone’s happiness and well-being.

Socialism is deemed evil because its concept is to steal from people who work and give to those who don’t. This also resembles burglary at gunpoint because if you don’t give the money, you are penalized.

Unlawfully entering a country to reap the benefits of citizens who work and pay into its government coffers is also theft. Poverty is no excuse for stealing from someone else who has.

Love is generous. Love does not take from others what does not belong to them.

Eighth Commandment – thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor

This is a character attack which not only harms the person, it harms the person’s family and those close to him or her. It affects the person’s psyche and causes emotional upheaval. Some people have been driven to suicide with this kind of scandal. We watched this play out during the Kavanaugh hearing when an innocent man and his family was dragged through the mud for political purposes.

People have gone to prison for lies told about them by others. Some have lost jobs, marriages, families, relationships, and friendships because of this evil.

Lying for personal gain cause upheaval in the lives of others.

Love is truthful.

Ninth Commandment - Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife

This breaks the sacred bond of marriage and breaks up the family causing turmoil for all members, especially the children.

Today, with social media and other social avenues, it is easy to covet someone else’s spouse who is often projected as a sex object. Marriages break up at speed neck pace. Thanks to tinsel town, it has become fashionable to have multiple partners and marriages. Cheating is the norm. Divorce rates are high, thanks largely to the influence of Hollywood which glamorizes casual sex and relationships.

Love is faithful.

Tenth Commandment - Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s goods

Greed and envy comes to mind here. We tend to compromise our decency, our morals, and integrity in our pursuit of materialistic things. Coveting also leads to stealing.

Today, we have a major problem in illegal immigration that stems from coveting the American lifestyle. Nobody has the right to break into a wealthy country to attain what they don’t have. If you want it, then you do it the right way, that is, legally. Just because you want it now, does not mean you take it by force.

Same thing goes for someone coveting, for example, a wealthy neighbor’s TV. You don’t break in and take it because you want it now or are unwilling to work for it. You work for it and buy your own.

We should not resort to theft, embezzlement, cheating, or even murder to take what does not belong to us just because we want it badly.

Love God and He will provide for you.

Following the Ten Commandments to the letter will bring us peace, happiness, and make living an absolute joy. There is no other feeling comparable to the joy from loving another selflessly. Try it. It is what God wants from us.


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