A Troubled School

by Vivian Chas

An angry teenage boy seeking revenge against his fellow students with an AR-15 rifle.

Another teenage boy full of love and kindness desperate to turn the shooter away from his evil plot.

When the two worlds of good and evil collide, will it end in a nightmare or will love come to the rescue?

Aaron the school bully is filled with hate and anger towards society and his fellow students. He is feared and hated, and often bullied back. Unceremoniously shuttled from one foster home to another, Aaron decides it is time for payback for the abuse. He intends to bring his foster father’s AR-15 rifle to school to punish his schoolmates and end his suffering.
Hiss classmate Chris is the opposite of Aaron. Raised in a stable, God-loving home, he and his sister Natasha are kind and considerate towards others. They are the proverbial peacemakers.

One day, the siblings receive a surprise visit from their dead brother who warns them of the evil being plotted by Aaron. Terrified at what was about to happen, and charged with converting Aaron’s evil heart, the siblings embark on a near-impossible and challenging mission where the forces of good and evil clash to achieve the ultimate victory.

Will Aaron accomplish his dreams of a bloody carnage with his powerful weapon? Or will Chris and Natasha triumph in conquering evil with the most powerful time-proven weapon of all time—love?

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